EL PASO, Texas -- No. 5 UTEP took down No. 6 Nevada and Alaska in a triangular match on Saturday. The Miners recorded a school record aggregate of 4,671. Nevada scored 4,648 and Alaska came in third with an aggregate of 4,619.

Andrea Palafox (583), Alix Moncada (579) and Jennifer Armendariz (578) were the top three shooters in smallbore. Palafox tied her season high in smallbore and Moncada recorded her best score this season. Andrea Vautrin gunned a 576 and Korina Rodriguez shot a 566.

Armendariz continued her stellar start to the season in air rifle. She tied Nevada’s Dempster Christenson for the top spot with 592. The score is the highest for any Miner this season. Vautrin and Moncada each finished with 588 and Palafox shot a 587. Rodriguez finished with a 575 in air gun.