Men's Gymnastics National Qualifier: Day 1 QuotesApril 12, 2007


Head coach Yoshi Hayasaki

Opening statement
We are very happy; theres no question about it. Weve been training for this NCAA championships from day one of this season. We were not able to put together all the elements but this is where we are right now. To make it to the final six is something that I have been looking forward to all year. And to put on the top performance of the season and, in a couple of events, post the highest of the season. I cant be happier of this group of guys who really worked hard and believed in themselves and trusted in themselves all season.

Talk about Wes Haagensens day today.
I thought he did a very good job at the Big Tens. He did a good job on rings floor and high bar. He didnt have any major misses and was very consistent.

Michael Boyer, Jr./So.

Opening statement
Sometimes when your working out or having a bad day, which is a lot of the times, you have this feeling of why are you in this sport and what are you doing. Its days like today when you get that natural high that is so outrageous and intense. In a meet like this Im so glad we got an opportunity to compete and do well in it. It all came down to our mentality and momentum.

Talk about the school record you set on the floor.
It feels really great because last year our team was so strong. We have a new year and a very young team and the fact that we were able to post an all-time high was a great feeling.

Talk about how much fun you were having and how that helped.
When you develop that momentum and get that confidence you loosen up and that is what it takes. We came in with the mentality of just do your stuff and have fun and thats what we need to do every night.


Head coach Kurt Golder

Opening statement
It was a real close one. A year ago we didnt advance to the super six and we were extremely disappointed, it was the first time in about eight years. So we, as a team, decided to commit ourselves and work hard all summer and all fall. I think we started out the season very dynamic and on a very high note and stayed there for about a month. Then we hit a little plateau and I hope tomorrow that we can do better than we did today because I think we have a lot of room for improvement.

Andrew Elkind, Sr./Jr.

Opening statement
Like Kurt said we started off on an extremely high note for a good portion of the season. Then we started turning downward where it was hard not to get negative. At this meet, we were able to come together and gel with each other and throughout the whole meet keep the intensity up. That was probably the best feeling. Im just speechless still because it was that close we worked so hard and we were number one for a good portion of the season and we believe we are number one.

Talk about the parallel bar and how exciting that was.
I thought the meet was over so it was a little excess celebration, it was a little inappropriate but I just kind of jumped out of my body. I just tried to relax and let my body take over.

Talk about how nervous you were beforehand.
I was pretty nervous with the judges from all over. I knew I had to be crisper, but I felt pretty confident that I had done about a 9.200.


Head Coach Thom Glielmi

Opening statement
Were very happy to be in the super 6, we trained all year and planned to peak at tomorrow nights meet. Its going to be even more exciting because I am sure the stands will be packed pending this next sessions outcome. I am sure that it is going to be very exciting. dont think this session any one team established that they are the team and I think that the results show that. So I think that tomorrow night will be more intense and more fun.

Talk about David Sender's performance.
It was a little flat but it was ok. The fact that he did not have his best meet and the team still came out on top speaks volumes for the rest of the team.

Bryant Hadden, So.

Opening statement
Were just really excited to get into the super six and for tomorrow night. Today went really well for us and we are looking forward to tomorrow night.

Talk about the rings.
The rings were awesome. It was a great way to start the competition. We know we have one of the strongest ring lineups in the country, if not the strongest ring lineup in the country. Our goal was to set the bar of how to do rings.

-- Courtesy Penn State