The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a change to the scoring format where only the top-30 finishers in alpine and nordic events will be awarded points beginning in the 2013-14 academic year.

Previously in the co-ed combined championship, alpine events have 34 competitors and the nordic events have 40 participants. All competitors were awarded points.

The proposed point-format would be as follows:

PlacePoints PlacePoints PlacePoints PlacePoints PlacePoints
140 25 1318 1912 256
237 823 1417 2011 265
334 922 1516 2110 274
431 1021 1615 229 283
529 1120 1714 238 292
627 1219 1813 247 301

The Men’s and Women’s Skiing Committee believes awarding the same number of points for all the events is best for the championship going forward.

“This is a combined championship, and the total number of points awarded on the nordic side was more than the alpine side,” said Men’s and Women’s Skiing Committee Chair Steve Metcalf, the deputy director of athletics at New Hampshire. “The committee felt it is important to award the same number of the points in both disciplines.”

Metcalf added that the committee received feedback from both alpine and nordic coaches, and the committee felt a change in the format was in the best interest of the championship.